5 busted myths about veganism in Egypt (find out which one you believed)

5 busted myths about veganism in Egypt (find out which one you believed)

Posted on August 25 2021

To this date, we all know more myths about veganism than truths. That's why today we are busting those myths and shedding more light on what veganism in Egypt truly is! 

The first myth:

“Going vegan is eating like a rabbit for the rest of your life with limited food and beverage options.”

That is a myth; yes, Egypt was late to adopt vegan options in food and beverages. However, it’s now taking the vegan movement ahead; by supplying easily accessible and affordable, plant-based ingredients and beverage options. 

Due to this, more people can now go vegan without feeling restricted but, on the contrary, feel resourceful and can get creative with their meals. 

The Second Myth:

“Going vegan deprives the body of the protein it needs.”

Again not true. Going Vegan means replacing the meat protein source with another source of protein that’s derived from plants like tofu, lentils, beans, and seeds and many other innovations including plant-based burgers, nuggets, and hotdogs! 

It all depends on how you balance your diet to nourish your body with sufficient amounts of protein. 

The Third Myth:

 “Vegan food is boring or tasteless.”

One question, have you tried VegInn? 

Because that’s one of its major roles; introducing Vegan food specially designed for the Egyptian appetite!

 And no, I am not talking about eating a salad and calling it vegan; I am talking about having lunch or dinner prepared for you a la vegan? 

“Don’t knock it until you try it.” 

This picture below says enough about how delicious this meal will be just from its vibrant colors.

So try to keep an open mind when considering, or should I say, reconsidering vegan food! 



The Fourth Myth: 

“Eating vegan or vegan-like in Egypt means eating carbohydrates only.”

It’s no secret that we Egyptians fill our days to the brim. As a result, we only give cooking a small portion of our time, resulting in choosing the easiest recipe with minimal ingredients which still taste delicious, or order out! 

One of the amazing perks of going vegan is opening a huge opportunity for yourself to make healthy, diverse, and fast meals that satisfy your Egyptian taste in food, and vegan meals usually consist of ingredients that you can batch make and prep your lunches and dinners for the entire week. Now that’s time-saving! 

And if you are Really running out of time, then our VegInn meals are here to satisfy your food craving and also your body needs, the vegan way! 

The Fifth Myth: 

 “The replicas taste nothing like animal meat.” 

Now that’s a tricky one, but still a myth! 

Some vegan restaurants and stores import vegan products. However, they don’t taste good on their own, and they don’t taste like the food we are used to eating here in Egypt. 

But there are vegan meat-like products that do nail it when it comes to taste and texture, like the Beyond Meat Vegan brand, specifically their meat burger patties.

It is raved about by non-vegans as one of the best-tasting burgers and if you were blindfolded, you won’t even recognize the difference between animal meat and plant-based meat. 

P.S, We carry the Beyond Meat products in VegInn, so that’s why we guarantee delicious tasting dishes that satisfy your Egyptian taste and cravings.

Wrap Up

Going Vegan is a transition but, it’s not about eliminating your favorite meals. It’s about learning new ways and using new ingredients to make your favorite meals in a healthier way; that is more environmentally friendly without compromising the delicious taste. 

Learn more about the benefits of going vegan in Egypt from here. (insert link)


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